"Superluv. Por lo que tiene de romántico" (2011)



"Superluv. Por lo que tiene de romántico" (2011)
(Everlasting, 01/2011)

01 Típico de California
02 Laurie Allen
03 Shirley Maclaine
04 Elvis Luv
05 Por lo que tiene de romántico
06 Iris
07 Penny Century
08 La pérdida
09 Mrs Bankrupt
10 Gigante (single - download free)
11 Marie
12 Más allá
13 Superluv
14 Estampidas de Caballos

Total running time: 39:06

A Money Shot by Uncle LD for Nice Boys from Good Families
Mixed by LD & Charles Newman at Mother West, Manhattan
Tracked by Jim Bentley at The Fort, Brooklyn
(& by Charles at Mother West, Manhattan & by Carlos Toronado at Zona Temporalmente Autónoma) -
Stephin Merritt recorded himself at his home in Hollywood
Mastered by Dave Roman at 4130 Mastering, Queens

Songs: Remate
© Remate / Everlasting
Publishing: Remate / Everlasting
[Excerpts from “Incident at St Anthony Falls” and “Glitter” by Flare, sampled and used on 01 "Típico de California" as arrangements with the permission of Nice Boys Music/ASCAP
Performed by Remate: voice, Epiphone acoustic guitar, First National Institute of Allied Arts parlour guitar, Silvertone and Kay electric six-string guitars, Fender 12-string electric guitar, Saurez Resonator tenor guitar, Lanai baritone ukulele, Fender electric bass, Marxolin one-string slide guitar, sitar, Celestaphone, metalophone, Knabe upright piano, Casio MT-45, egg, wicker shaker, tambourine, bamboo windchimes, Yamaha tom-tom, hooves

With Los Adult Film Actresses de Bushwick
LD Beghtol—assorted keyboards and soft synths, Arrow fan organ, Casio PT-100, Mar-Jay toy piano, Dübreq Stylophone and Stylophone Beatbox, Lanikai baritone and concert ukuleles, Marxophone, James Sone octave zither, Oscar Schmidt autoharp, bowed water drum, Chimophone, Zil-A-Phone, Rhythm Band handbells, Angel glockenspiel, kalimbas, bronze temple bells, Yonghe bar chimes, Zildjian finger cymbals, Toca sleigh bells, tambourines, Martin-Senour rattle, frog call, cricket box, skull, drums, Seeburg Select-a-Rhythm, programming, voice, etc.
Jim Bentley—Fender electric bass
Jon DeRosa—Gibson Night Hawk electric guitar, Fender 12-string electric guitar
Dorsey Gibson— Marx Colony Violin-Uke, Meinl bell tree, thursus
Julia Kent—cello
Sam Lazzara—vibraphone, snares, floor tom, orchestral bells
Stephin Merritt—National resonator soprano ukulele, voice-over
Charles Newman—keyboards, percussion
Carlos Toronado—casio loops, Rickenbacker 4001S electric bass, percussion
Pinky Weitzman—Stroh violin, viola

Miss Julie DeLano—chanteuse

& the Decoy Birds Mixed Glee
Cecilia Biagini, Ana Bolívar, Amy Bush, Tim Fite, Javi Gullón, Erik Karff, Laszlo Kovacs, Wendy Liu, Gonzalo López-Gallego, Holly McDade, Marta Milans, Michelle Miller, Patricia Orejudo, Alice Pemberton, Audrey Ramer, Romero Rosenbaum-Biagini and Scott Sosebee